Action Movie Fanatix Review: Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision

Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision

Starring: Jason Scott Lee, Thomas Ian Griffith, Mary Page Keller, John Beck, Tava Smiley

Director: Stephen Boyum

2003  |  81 Minutes  |  Rated R

“I don’t date Timecops.” – Doc
“I don’t date doctors.” – Ryan Chang

I admit, I haven’t seen Timecop in quite some time but I don’t believe the sequel has much to do with the original aside from the basic concept.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it isn’t necessarily a good thing either.

Timecop 2 travels back to some more iconic timeframes than the first Timecop did (again based on my memory).  It also tries to be a little more philosophical than the first.  If you have the power to right the wrongs of the past, do you have the moral obligation to do so?

Ryan Chang (Jason Scott Lee) is the son of the man who invented the time travel machine.  Chang is also an agent of the Time Enforcement Commission (TEC), the government agency that monitors time travel from the first film.  The Historical Society of Authenticity is created as a monitor to the TEC but the Society is given too much power.  Brandon Miller (Thomas Ian Griffith), the Society’s leader, travels back and attempts to kill Adolf Hitler to prevent the holocaust.  Chang intercepts Miller and his team and kills Miller’s wife.  Miller is put in jail but seeks vengeance and Chang continues traveling through time to track down each of Miller’s remaining associates.

The acting is passable and the story is kind of fun but the real star of Timecop 2 is the action.  No surprise really.  Jason Scott Lee is a solid martial artist on screen but he is no Van Damme.  The choreography is clean and well shot.  Nothing is so outrageously unrealistic or fake looking that you are forced out of your suspension of disbelief.  There are various different effects used for time travel that are near big screen quality as well.  One scene shows one of Miller’s Society members convicted of “time travel with intent to alter the future” among other charges.  He is literally ripped apart by some sort of laser beam from above.  It looks like something out of an alien invasion.  I think I would prefer lethal injection should I ever face that choice.

Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision is a fun, short ride albeit inferior to the original in every way.  Don’t think too hard while viewing, even if at times it seems to be asking you to.