Action Movie Fanatix Review: The Capitol Conspiracy

The Capitol Conspiracy

When They’re In Your Head, How Do You Watch Your Back?

Starring: Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Alexander Keith, Paul Michael Robinson, Arthur Roberts, Barbara Steele, Jenna Bodnar

Director: Fred Olen Ray

 1998  |  83 Minutes  |  Rated R

“You know, I really don’t approve of violence but I guess there is no other way out of this for me is there? – Jarrid Maddox

The Capitol Conspiracy really just isn’t a good movie.  I could probably end the review right there but I spent the time to watch it, I might as well write a full review.

Jarrid Maddox (Don “The Dragon” Wilson) is a CIA agent with remote viewing ability.  Along with his new partner, Agent Taylor (Alexander Keith – female), Maddox is tracking down other remote viewers, each one dying just after Maddox & Taylor make contact.  Maddox discovers that their remote viewing abilities are the result of government experiments during their childhood.  Project Sun Stream was a program to give children the remote viewing ability to try to find POW camps.  They didn’t find any and all of the children were adopted by CIA agents.  Now there are hit men on their tale and Maddox is running out of time to find out the truth.  Sounds intense right?  No.

I will start with the positives, er, positive.  Don “The Dragon” Wilson.  That’s it.  The Dragon is clearly a good martial artist.  He definitely knows what he is doing.  Unfortunately, the people filming his fight scenes don’t know what they are doing.  You can tell what is going on and everything (no shaky-cam) but it doesn’t always look very realistic.  There are also shots where a foot comes from off screen to hit a face that is on screen.  There is also at least one instance where Wilson kicks someone off camera showing no connection, then flashes to the person falling to the ground.

The gun fights are pathetic as well.  These guys have obviously never fired a gun in their lives.  They shoot at someone less than 20 feet away and miss over and over and over.  Then, multiple times Jarrid Maddox is not paying attention and someone fires at him and of course misses.  #1 – Maddox, you are a CIA agent with remote viewing ability and yet you are still not paying close enough attention to not have amateur hit men sneak up on you.  #2 – Hit men, if you are able to sneak up on the guy you have been hunting all movie, take a half second more to make sure you hit him.  An attempted ambush sees 2 hit men walk into Maddox’s motel room and unload their weapons before realizing he isn’t even in there.  These are the professional hit men who are hunting Maddox down.

Project Sun Stream is treated like a big mystery has been discovered.  You won’t feel like it is a big revelation though since the opening credits basically showed you the experiments already.

Considering the movie is only 83 minutes long there is a rather long, awkward “sex” scene in which The Dragon never takes the towel from around his waist.  Its actually about 4 minutes of a lot of Wilson kissing Alexander Keith’s (still female) neck.  It is worth noting that Maddox had turned down the phone number of a flight attendant that flirted with him on the plane only to sleep with his CIA partner whom he had just met.

There are also a few scenes where Maddox opens his email, the email program reads the email to him but it doesn’t read it word for word.  He apparently has a more up to date email program than I do.  It paraphrases his emails for him.  A nice feature but probably didn’t exist in 1998, even for CIA agents.

All in all the story doesn’t make a whole ton of sense.  The action isn’t exciting.  The violence isn’t overly violent.  There are obvious errors made by the film makers.  I just can’t recommend this to anyone, unless you enjoy really awkward naked necking scenes.