Action Movie Fanatix Review: I Am Omega

The Last Man Alive Must Battle A Planet of the Dead.

Starring: Mark Dacascos, Geoff Meed, Jennifer Lee Wiggins

Director: Griff Furst

 2007  |  85 Minutes  |  Rated R

“Can’t shoot them this close. You’ll get blood on you.” – Renchard

I Am Omega is produced by The Asylum known for such gems as Transmorphers and Alien vs. Hunter.  The Asylum’s formula is to take a big screen movie and create a straight to DVD knock off to release at the same time.  I Am Omega is an obvious knock off of I Am Legend starring Will Smith.  Certainly I Am Legend is the better of the two but I Am Omega isn’t terrible (for an Asylum release).

First off, Mark Dacascos plays a character named Renchard…RENCHARD!!!  Why not just give him a normal name like Richard?  Maybe the writer thought that by this point in the not too distant future everyone will have names that kinda sound like real names but not quite.  Not quite sure what they were thinking.

Anyway, Renchard’s wife and son were killed by zombies soon after the zombie apocalypse.  Renchard survives on the outskirts of town in his moderately fortified home and believes that he is the last man on earth.  Renchard has clearly lost his marbles though.  The guy hears voices and has mannequins that he talks to.  Renchard’s plan for getting rid of all of the zombies is to blow up the entire city.  He places charges on gas lines way outside the city which will apparently carry all the way into the heart of the city to destroy it.  It seems to me that there must be some useful supplies in the city and blowing it up might be a little overkill but what do I know, I’m no Iron Chef Chairman.  So, Renchard finds out pretty quickly (through the internet) that there is a woman in the city that needs to be rescued.  He then has 2 guys show up at his door wanting him to take them to the girl to kill her.  The 2 guys force Renchard to come with them, he gets rid of them and saves the girl.  Woohoo!!!

As far as zombie movies I Am Omega doesn’t rank very high.  There really aren’t any good scares but it doesn’t really seem like they were trying to create a scary movie.  The makeup effects are pretty good for a movie of this caliber but it doesn’t necessarily look realistic or anatomically correct.

There also isn’t a ton of action.  What action there is isn’t overly exciting.  It isn’t bad but it just doesn’t pull you to the edge of your seat the way a good action movie should.  Mark Dacascos’ martial arts are quite good but again, there is nothing exciting about it.  Renchard even whips out his nunchaku to battle some zombies in a parking garage.  I could think of better weapons to use against the undead but again I am not The Chairman.  It is almost like the movie rides a line between an action movie and a zombie movie but doesn’t achieve either to its greatest capacity.  It is unfortunate because both genres can be extremely fun and could potentially make a good movie.

The acting is standard B-Movie fare.  Overacting abounds.  None of the actors in the movie are exceptionally good but they try.  I guess I have seen worse but you would think Dacascos would be better by now since he has done so much on TV and in movies.

I Am Omega is a B-Movie through and through but it is a B-Movie done right.  If you are into B-Movies then it is definitely worth a watch.  It keeps you entertained even if it is never a thrill ride.