Action Movie Fanatix Review: Tactical Force

Tactical Force

This Drill Just Got Real.

Starring: Steve AustinMichael Jai White, Michael Shanks, Keith Jardine, Lexa Doig, Steve Bacic, Darren Shahlavi

Director: Adamo Paolo Cultraro

 2011  |  88 Minutes  |  Rated R

“You’re wasting my time.  More importantly you’re pissing me off.” – Captain Tate

Another Steve Austin team-up movie.  This time he has Michael Jai White (Spawn) on his side and will be facing off against Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardine.

Captain Tate (Steve Austin) is the leader of an unconventional Los Angeles SWAT team alongside Hunt (Michael Jai White), Jannard (Lexa Doig), and Blanco (Steve Bacic).  Yep, only 4 members to this SWAT team.  They don’t exactly play by the rules but they get the job done.  When they cause a little too much property damage while stopping a grocery store robbery they are sent to do some training exercises in an abandoned (or so they thought) airplane hangar.  The hangar also happens to be a meeting spot for two rival gangs which turns their training exercises into the real thing.

Tactical Force is a lower budget action flick that actually knows its place in the cinema universe.  It can be hard for action movies to incorporate comedy correctly.  Many movies can’t quite find that happy medium and end up becoming a cheesy, unfunny mess.  Tactical Force finds that middle ground to give you some good laughs but keeps its foot pressed on the action gas pedal.

We know Austin knows how to do the action thing but with Michael Jai White on his team Tactical Force just got that much better.  MMA fighter Keith Jardine also makes an appearance as a sort of enforcer for one of the gangs.  This pits the wrestler against the MMA fighter for what ends up being the best fight scene of the movie.

The story is obviously (if you read the synopsis above) hokey and the acting isn’t much better but you can look past it since the whole movie plays more toward the comedic side.  No oscar winners here though.

My advice is to watch Tactical Force with zero expectations and you will probably have a good time.  Tactical Force is probably my favorite of the Steve Austin movies I have seen so far.  Although I enjoyed the Austin/Daniels scene from Hunt To Kill better than the Austin/Jardine fight here Tactical Force is more fun overall.