Action Movie Fanatix Review: Boy Wonder

Boy Wonder

Evil Has A New Enemy

Starring: Caleb Steinmeyer, Bill Sage, Zulay Henao, James Russo

Director: Michael Morissey

 2010  |  93 Minutes  |  Rated R

“I don’t do this for fun.” – Sean Donovan

I decided to check out Boy Wonder after reading a number of glowing reviews.  It didn’t exactly live up to my expectations though.

Sean Donovan witnessed his mother’s murder as a young boy.  As a teen he lives with his father Terry (Bill Sage), a former alcoholic.  There is tension between the father and son but Terry seems to be doing his best.  Sean trains in martial arts after school and starts killing criminals at night.  A new homicide detective, Teresa Ames (Zulay Henao), begins investigating these late night vigilante murders and suspects Sean may have something to do with it.

Caleb Steinmeyer’s Sean is supposed to be a teenager who has so much anger bottled up inside that he must hunt down those that the judicial system weren’t able to punish.  Instead Sean seems like he has no emotion at all.  Steinmeyer just can’t pull off this kind of complex character at this point in his acting career.  In fact, the only believable character in Boy Wonder is Sean’s dad but the more you learn about him the less you want to like him.  For the attempted complexity of the characters it seems that they should have aimed for a little longer movie than 93 minutes to help the characters develop more but I am not sure these actors could have pulled it off even with the extra time.

It is every young boy’s dream to be an ass-kicking superhero so it is pretty cool to see the skinny Sean doing just that.  It all seems pretty realistic too, as he ends up taking his fair share of the punishment but just edges out each of his foes.  His costume is a different take on the superhero disguise as well.  All he uses is a hooded jacket and some black grease paint smeared on his face.  The look is cool but it sure wouldn’t make him very hard to identify.

I expected a lot more from Boy Wonder and maybe my feelings would have been different had it not been built up so much but the movie just never drew me in the way it was meant to.