Action Movie Fanatix Review: Witness To A Kill

Trained, Equipped and Licensed to Kill…He Always Finishes His Mission.

Starring: Gary Daniels, John Standing, Eva Habermann, Nick Boraine, Francoise Yip

Director: Darrell James Roodt

2001  |  98 Minues  |  Rated R

“So, what have you been up to Captain Strong? – Kirsten
“You know, same old, same old.  Saving the free world. – Captain Strong

I really like Gary Daniels but it is painful to see some of the movies that he is forced to take to find work.  I wish that he would get roped into more movies alongside other action legends.  All that said, Witness To A Kill isn’t the worst movie I have seen Gary Daniels in lately.

Captain Strong (Gary Daniels) must deliver a red binder with the words TOP SECRET gold embossed on the front to the African nation of Sierra Delrada.  Once he gets there he realizes that the real precious cargo is the German girl, Monika (Eva Haberman), whom he was asked to escort.  Monika and Kirsten (Francoise Yip), who appears to be a former girlfriend of Strong’s, are kidnapped by Karl Wolf (Nick Boraine) – the same man who killed Monika’s brother.  Wolf is also helping to assassinate the president of Sierra Delrada.  Now Captain Strong must rescue Monika and Kirsten and stop Wolf from killing the president of a fictional African nation.

The production, effects, photography and video quality are good and the locations are as good as you can possibly expect for a B-Action Movie.  The music sounds like it is straight out of a 70s porno.  The acting and dialogue are about the same quality.  I guess I can put up with these types of flaws but the main problem with Witness To A Kill is that it just plain isn’t a whole lotta fun.  The action is very limited until the very last scene.  The final scene is actually pretty decent but a good action movie doesn’t bore you to the point of sleeping right through the only good part of the movie.

Even though the action scenes are few and far between they are pretty good when they finally do come around.  Certainly Gary Daniels deserves the credit for this.  He is the best actor in the movie and is one of the best martial artists in the industry today.  Overall the martial arts are realistic other than the cheesy wirework and over exaggerated spins of the enemies getting hit.

Witness To A Kill is yet another B-Action-Movie for Gary Daniels.  He deserves so much better and I hope that the success of The Expendables helps him get some more quality movies with a competent director.