Action Movie Fanatix Review: The President’s Man

No Mission Is Impossible.

Starring: Chuck Norris, Dylan Neal, Jennifer Tung, Soon-Tek Oh

Director: Michael Preece

2000  |  89 Minutes  |  Not Rated

“Who are you?” – thug

“Room service.” – Joshua McCord

Whatever happened to made for TV action movies?  Most weren’t any good they were still worth a watch if you had nothing else going on in your life.  The President’s Man is that type of movie and it really isn’t very good but in the right mind set it can be a pretty good time.

Joshua McCord (Chuck Norris) is The President’s Man, a secret agent who does anything that the president needs done.  Apparently this position goes all the way back to President Lincoln.  After saving the president’s wife from Brazil, McCord decides it is time to retire which means he has to find his own replacement.  Sgt. Deke Slater is that man.  McCord trains Slater and then teams with him on his first couple missions.  The first mission was to rescue a young girl from a religious cult and the second was stopping a Colombian drug cartel teamed with a Korean general from creating a nuclear bomb.

Right off the bat The President’s Man is obviously the lowest of low budget movies.  The opening 15 minutes have many different instances where stock footage of buildings, aircraft and different locales is used.  Often, the stock footage isn’t even the same resolution and quality of the rest of the movie.

The picture quality isn’t the only thing that feels low budget.  The music in The President’s Man is horrible.  It is some of the most clichéd stock rock tracks I have heard in a movie in quite some time.  It shouldn’t be this hard to get a decent backing track to a movie.  Having a composer is great but I realize not every movie has the budget for it.  I would sure think that it would be pretty easy to find some decent low level bands who could write some music for peanuts just to try to get their name out there.

And then there was the acting, if you can even call it that.  Chuck and crew don’t do much to make this feel believable but then again their horribly scripted lines didn’t give them much to work with.  This movie is absolutely chock full of some of the cheesiest dialogue this side of, well, most every other Chuck Norris movie I have ever seen.

Soon-Tek Oh’s acting as the evil General Vinh Tran is the best of the bunch.  I actually really enjoyed his screen time even if it was pretty limited.

A good chunk of the middle of this movie is McCord training in Slater.  Slater thinks that he is a perfect fit for this position since he is a great shot with a pistol.  McCord proves that Slater still has much to learn when he sends him through The Course and then has him shoot his pistol, resulting in some pretty poor shooting.  Apparently you don’t learn how to shoot when tired in the Delta Force.  The ensuing training scenes show Slater running The Course over and over until he learns this extra special skill of shooting a gun after a good workout.

Now, once Slater is fully ready for action the movie really picks up.  All of a sudden I am glued to my screen.  McCord and Slater make a great team.  They each were excellent with martial arts and the military gun play.  Each also seemed to have their own special technique.  Norris’ Joshua McCord is of course a master of breaking necks.  Every neck he gets his hands on is getting extremely broken.  Dylan Neal’s Deke Slater loves to just beat dudes unconscious with his assault rifles.  Nothin’ special just the assault rifle equivalent of the pistol whip.  The action isn’t terribly violent, it is a made for TV movie afterall, but it isn’t completely devoid of blood and the neck breaking sounds are rather brutal sounding.

The final fights were actually really entertaining.  McCord finally gets his hands on the man who killed his wife many years ago and Slater takes on two of the top Colombians.  Great martial arts all around.

I can’t explain it.  After shaking my head and laughing to my self at how bad most of this movie was I should have really hated it but as McCord and Slater slowly walked away from an exploding Columbian shanty town I couldn’t help but think “YES!”  The President’s Man, for all its flaws, ended up being a pretty fun crappy action movie.