Action Movie Fanatix Review: Bangkok Adrenaline

Feel The Rush

Starring: Daniel O’Neill, Praya Suandokemai, Gwion Jacob Miles, Conan Stevens, Raimund Huber

Director: Raimund Huber

2009  |  87 Minutes  |  Rated R

“Danger is my breakfast.” – Jacque

I picked up the Bangkok Adrenaline DVD a while back when a rental store was going out of business.  I had never heard of it before but I figured it had to be good… it has an attractive girl and a couple dudes throwing some flying ninja kicks on the cover.  Sounds like a winner to me.  Oh, how easily I am fooled.

Four friends have gambled all of their money away in Thailand and now owe a Thai gangster 1,000,000 baht.  After trying to get the money through professional wrestling, stripping, pick pocketing and teaching martial arts they come up with a plan.  The four friends are going to abduct another gangsters daughter and use the ransom money to pay the original debt.  Problem is, the gangster doesn’t seem to care if his daughter lives or dies and sends his army of soldiers after the friends.

The story is pretty stupid but I guess I didn’t expect much out of a movie called Bangkok Adrenaline so they get a pass on this one.

The acting is horrible though.  It is clear that these guys have very little acting experience.  It seems more like something a few friends decided to make and put on YouTube rather than something that would ever see a real DVD release

The characters are equally as bad.  Conan is a muscle bound gorilla that is dumb as a brick and always hungry.  John is a dreadlocked stoner.  The other two (Mike & Dan) are devoid of all personality whatsoever although I understand that Daniel O’Neill who played Dan (shocking) has done a considerable amount of stunt work for some pretty impressive movies so hopefully he can get some work on his acting so he can continue to grow as a new young action star.  Lord knows we need them.

The Thai gang lord at the beginning also sounds like a lispy SouthPark character which is actually pretty funny but I don’t think that is really what they were going for here.

The music sounds like a generic techno track was set on repeat throughout the entire movie.

The fight choreography isn’t bad but it is mostly filled with ridiculous spins and flips.  It is kind of like parkour meets the fighting style of the Street Fighter video games.  There is also a problem of the fights looking far too choreographed instead of being realistic.  If a kick wasn’t supposed to connect then it never even comes.  It just looks like they were trying to miss.

There are also a couple of foot chases that are clearly inspired by (aka ripped off from) Tony Jaa in Ong Bak.

Bangkok Adrenaline really wasn’t an enjoyable experience.  I would have turned it off if I didn’t feel that would present an incomplete review.