Action Movie Fanatix Review: Outpost

Outpost banner

You Can’t Kill What’s Already Dead.

Starring: Ray Stevenson, Julian Wadham, Richard Brake, Paul Blair, Brett Fancy, Enoch Frost, Julian Rivett, Michael Smiley, Johnny Meres

Director: Steve Barker

2008  |  90 Minutes  |  Rated R

“That bright light, it ain’t heaven, son.  It’s just a muzzle flair.” – Prior

After seeing Ray Stevenson in Punisher: War Zone I was able to track down another of his starring vehicles, Outpost.  Outpost is significantly lower in budget than Punisher but I was definitely glad I picked it up.

A group of mercenaries, led by (Ray Stevenson), is sent into war torn Eastern Europe on a mission to a half-century old underground Nazi bunker.  The bunker was the site of experiments to create a super-human army.  The mutilated remains of those soldiers still exist today along with a ghastly discovery – a survivor.

Even though this is essentially a one location production it never feels constraining or cheap.  The bunker provides a number of different sets inside and outside its walls.  It all looks fantastic, the lighting and set design make for a very engaging experience.

The initial build is a little slow but there are little hints at what may be coming.  The creepy factor builds and builds until the ghost/zombie/super-soldier Nazis start getting violent.  And, yes, the Nazombies look much better on screen than they do on the cover of the DVD.

The first couple kills are brutal, bloody, nasty kills but these mercenaries are nary a match for these Nazi super soldiers.  I might call them torturous if they lasted any longer.

Ray Stevenson is one of my favorites and I am really hoping he can get some more leadig action roles.  He does really well with them.  He’s big, he’s mean looking and he can sure kick some ass.  It seems a shame to make him a musketeer or to put him in a fat suit for a comic book movie.

The individual members of the unit aren’t overly deep but each are developed enough to know their different personalities and nationalities

Outpost is great little action horror movie.  The pacing is a little slow to start but the payoff is definitely there.  I’d definitely recommend it to any fans of action, horror or Ray Stevenson.

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