Action Movie Fanatix Review: Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak On A Plane

Flight of the Living Dead banner

At 30,000 Feet, There’s Nowhere To Run.

Starring: David Chisum, Kristen Kerr, Kevin J. O’Connor, Richard Tyson, Erick Avari

Director: Scott Thomas

2007  |  94 Minutes  |  Rated R

“Stewardess, do you think I could get some sugar with my coffee?” – co-pilot Randy

I love zombie movies.  I’ve gotta throw that out there first.  Zombie movies can produce some of the most terrifying and thought provoking scenarios or they can simply be used for shock value gore thrills.  I love both kinds and Flight of the Living Dead is definitely in that second category.

On a routine flight from Los Angeles to Paris, a renegade group of scientists have smuggled aboard a container holding a fellow scientist infected with a deadly virus that reanimates the dead.  While the plane crosses the Atlantic the zombie infection spreads leaving a few remaining survivors to fend for their lives.

I guess you know going into a movie like this that it is going to be kinda cheesy but I just felt like I kept getting smacked in the face with a big block of sharp cheddar.  The dialogue is hokey and delivered by actors who apparently were schooled in the William Shatner / Nicolas Cage school of overacting.  The shots of the airplane in flight are pretty fakey looking as well but, again, what did I expect.

There is far too much time is spent building to the release of the first zombie.  I mean, I’m all for character building (well, sometimes) but these are some incredibly shallow characters considering the amount of time “building” them.  You of course have the nun that is on every flight in any movie ever made, a pro golfer who has been polishing a golf club since he got on the plane, a criminal chained to a police officer and a pilot on his final flight.  Add to that a last minute top secret government shipment – never a good idea.

The zombies finally are unleashed on the plane and needless to say, they aren’t scary.  They get down and gory, that’s for sure but that is about the only thrill to find in the movie.

The zombie makeup is downright bad.  The Walking Dead puts this to shame ten times over.

The gun wielding survivors are firing tons of bullets inside the plane, which I’ve always been told was a big no no.  They also set off an explosive on the plane which doesn’t seem like a good idea to me but, hey, I’m no TSA agent.

I really had trouble sticking this one out.  It should have been an easy home run (or at least a ground rule double) for me but I couldn’t get past the wall of cheese to actually find any enjoyment in Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane… as if that title didn’t spell out the story well enough that it needed a subhead.  Seacrest out.

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