Action Movie Fanatix Review: Alien Tracker

Alien Tracker banner

From The Depths Of Space… The Hunt Is On

Starring: Adrian Paul, Amy Price-Francis, Leanne Wilson, Geraint Wyn Davies, Joanie Laurer

Director: Ken Girotti, Bruce Pittman

2003  |  92 Minutes  |  PG-13

“Hmmm, Ree is going to kill again soon.” – Cole

Made for TV sci-fi movies have a certain charm to them.  Sure the story, dialogue, acting and effects leave something to be desired but somewhere in there is something I always have to check out.

Cole (Adrian Paul) is an alien who is sent to Earth to track ex-convict aliens.  He meets up with Mel Porter (Amy Price-Francis) who helps Cole on his mission to track and capture the galaxy’s worst criminals.

Evidently this “movie” was put together by chopping up a number of episodes of a short lived TV show to form some semblance of a story.  It’s just a mish-mash of scenes from what must have been 8-10 episodes.  It is a horribly incoherent story that bounces around too much to allow the viewer any time to figure out who any of the new enemies are or why they are being chased.

The opening starts with Adrian Paul speaking about how Cole came to exist on planet Earth.  My instincts told me Queen was about to start playing but, alas, it would not be.  I’ve been a big fan of Adrian Paul ever since the Highlander TV series and he was really the only reason I decided to watch Alien Tracker.  Needless to say, Alien Tracker doesn’t even come close to living up to Highlander.

WWE’s Chyna aka Joanie Laurer is the killer alien Ree who is our antagonist for roughly 10 minutes.  This role isn’t really a huge stretch with her silicone packed breasts flopping all over the place as she and Adrian Paul fight.

After she is captured we flash forward six months and dropped in the middle of a foot chase with Cole chasing an unnamed, unexplained, presumably alien convict.  We are then barely introduced a vast government conspiracy which apparently involves the U.S. government apprehending aliens and doing who knows (and who cares) what with them.  This is where it all slows down, gets more boring and also less choppy.  It would seem that the episodes with the least amount of content cut were the least exciting.

The fights are really some of the worst I have ever seen even considering the fact that it was made for TV.  Imagine the worst shaky cam martial arts fights combined with a blurry vision effect and some really shoddy special effects.

As a fan of Adrian Paul, Alien Tracker was a complete waste of his talents.  From what I am told, he is a good looking guy (I wouldn’t know), he is a decent actor and he can definitely fight.  There are a lot better movies to get an Adrian Paul fix than Alien Tracker.

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