Action Movie Fanatix Review: Soldier

Soldier banner

Left For Dead On A Remote Planet For Obsolete Machines And People, A Fallen Hero Has One Last Battle To Fight

Starring: Kurt Russell, Jason Scott Lee, Connie Nielsen, Michael Chiklis, Gary Busey, Sean Pertwee, Jason Isaacs

Director: Paul Anderson

1998  |  99 Minutes  |  Rated R

“You still don’t get it do you Captain.  Your men are obsolete.” – Colonel Mekum

I originally saw Soldier as a kid.  I’m sure I rented it from Blockbuster with a friend.  We loved it but never got around to buying it until I had money of my own to spend and picked up the DVD.I always wished that they had created action figures.  I definitely would have bought them.  There would probably only be two characters worth creating but they would have been awesome.

When Todd (Kurt Russell), a newly obsolete, genetically engineered super soldier is dumped on a semi-abandoned planet he befriends the peaceful inhabitants.  But soon he has to fight the new breed of soldiers, led by Caine (Jason Scott Lee), this time to defend his new home…

Todd is clearly the best of the super soldiers.  The opening montage shows Todd’s comrades falling by the wayside as he marches through a number of battles completely unscathed.

Kurt Russell looks so badass with the scars on his face and the face tattoos telling his name, rank and military assigned number.  Plus he had all of his past missions tattooed on his arm.  Man I wanted that action figure.  Never mind that I was “too old” to play with action figures by this point.

Aside from his looks, how did I know that Todd was a badass?  Well, even though he was the old model of soldier I knew.  For one thing he created a punching bag out of a metal gas tank and punched it until his hands bled.  That’s pretty badass.  Prior to that we had witnessed his upbringing which tailor made him to be the perfect soldier.

I could probably count on one hand the number of lines that Kurt Russell actually had to say for the role of Todd (and one of them was just a growl) but that is all part of the badass soldier package.

Jason Scott Lee was a perfect choice as Caine.  He looks huge compared to Kurt Russell.  Totally believable as a version 2.0 super soldier.  Plus the guy is pretty solid with the martial arts.

Soldier has some really memorable, totally awesome action movie moments including a great final fight between Todd and Caine.  There are multiple scenes that stick with me and keep bringing be back to watch it again and again.  Just like when I was a kid renting it over and over from Blockbuster.

I love Soldier.  It might be partially the nostalgia of it but there is more to it.  It is just a dang good action movie that is a helluva lotta fun.

2 thoughts on “Action Movie Fanatix Review: Soldier

  1. Very underrated Action Movie. Kurt is great. Love the training montage. Keep thinking they’ll remake it, but I dont think the younger generation is as bloodthirsty as the ‘golden age of Action Movies’ audience was.

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