Action Movie Fanatix Review: DNA

DNA banner

Don’t Mess With Mother Nature

Starring: Mark Dacascos, Jurgen Prochnow, Robin McKee

Director: William Mesa

1997  |  97 Minutes  |  Rated R

“The jungle’s no place for a city girl who’s played video games.” – Ash

Mark Dacascos in a Predator/Alien clone!?!  Sign me up!!!

Scientists, Dr. Ash Mattley (Mark Dacascos) and Dr. Carl Wessinger (Jurgen Prochnow), find the skeleton of an odd animal and are able to recreate it by extracting its DNA.  But Dr. Wessinger has his own plans – to turns the creature into a killer.

I really like Mark Dacascos here.  I normally do but he is especially awesome as Ash.  Ash is a really likable, sometimes funny character who is equal parts brains and ass kicking brawn.

Jurgen Prochnow is always great and he makes for a great villain.  You can’t look at the guy and not think bad guy.

It’s no coincidence that the creature is always cloaked in darkness as this is clearly a case of a man in suit monster.  From what I could tell it was a toothier, T-Rexy version of the Giger monster from the Alien movies.  And no man in suit monster is Alien inspired monster is complete without Predator inspired monster vision.

The action is pretty tame for the first half of the movie before it goes completely off the chain.  You will want to check your brain at the door to get the most out of DNA.

One moment left me scratching my head a little, even with my melon switched to the off position.  Ash opts to jump down into a “well” to save a guy rather than use the motorized lift to bring him up.  They both end up getting saved via the lift after the monster attacks.

The last half hour is a literal explosion of bad action moments.  There’s boats and helicopters and rocket launchers and explosions and yelling at the sky for no reason and manly tribal-tattooed chest reveals.  It’s awesome!!!  I hope I haven’t said too much.

For an Alien/Predator clone DNA really does a good job making itself something special.  Its not winning any awards or anything but by golly I had a blast watching it.  I had to rewatch the ending a second time it was so good.

DNA is an absolute must for any and all bad action fans.  It’s just that damn good (or bad – depending on your viewpoint).

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