Action Movie Fanatix Review: Hijacked

Hijacked banner

Flying Has Never Been So Dangerous…

Starring: Randy Couture, Dominic Purcell, Vinnie Jones, Tiffany Dupont, Holt McCallany, Gina Philips, Craig Fairbrass

Director: Brandon Nutt

2012  |  90 Minutes  |  Rated R

“The man asked you a question.  If you don’t answer I’m going to fuckin’ kill you.” – Otto Southwell

Hijacked is one of Randy Couture’s first starring roles.  Sure, he has been an Expendable and a henchman in a few movies but this is one of the first where he is the main focus.  Let’s see how “Natural” he is at this action game.

Paul Ross (Randy Couture) is a U.S. Government whose partner was just killed.  To top it off he just broke up with his fiancé.  When Paul follows his ex onboard billionaire Bruce Lieb’s (Craig Fairbrass) private jet that is hijacked by men working for the same crime lord he has been chasing, Paul joins forces with private bodyguard Otto Southwell (Dominic Purcell) to combat the hijackers and disarm a bomb onboard the plane.

Couture is getting better in the acting department.  He’s not great yet but it doesn’t feel like he is simply reading lines anymore.  One of the big problems he has is those ugly cauliflower ears of his.  Stallone had some fun with it in the first Expendables but every time they are in a shot you are reminded that this is a former UFC fighter and wrestler.  This isn’t a REAL government agent.  The really smart thing that the film makers did was give Randy some time to use some of his patented up close, clinched dirty boxing.  I haven’t been able to see that for a while.  It actually is a realistic type of fighting that is believable and exciting on screen.

Vinnie Jones is only in the movie for about 15 minutes.  And, this is a rather tame version of Vinnie Jones.  I am used to the nasty bastard that he usually plays.

Dominic Purcell really makes the movie for me.  He was far and away the best actor in it and has all of the best lines.  He has played a special ops type character in a few different movies now and he has nailed it every time, especially when he is rocking the full Aussie accent and a moustache.  Its time for him to be a new go to man for this type of roll.  The guy should be doing 2-3 action movies a year for how good he is at this stuff.

The bad guys, led by Rostow Pawlak (Holt McCallany), are actually pretty good, scumbaggy villains, which is something very important and missing in all too many action movies lately.

Action is filmed pretty well except for the gunfight at the beginning which was too shaky and heavy on the CG blood.  Really bad CG blood.  There’s nothing too special about any of the scenes but they are plenty fun.

I found myself having a good time with Hijacked.  It is probably about on the same level as some of Steve Austin’s better DTV releases which isn’t exactly high praise but at least is isn’t on the level of some of Austin’s worst movies.  Hijacked is Randy Couture’s Hunt to Kill – which I liked.  Hopefully he continues to grow and we get more solid DTV actioners out of him for years to come.

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