Action Movie Fanatix Review: Warrior of the Lost World

Warrior of the Lost World banner

“The Rider” Must Destroy The Evil Omega Force

Starring: Robert Ginty, Persis Khambatta, Fred Williamson

Director: David Worth

1985  |  86 Minutes  |  Rated R

“I don’t really care about your problems with The Omega.  It’s none of my business.” – The Rider

Warrior of the Lost World was supposed to be a part of Post-Apocalyptic week but it wasn’t.  I love the low budget 80s post-apocalyptic movies.  They’re usually so fun and full of explosions and crazy vehicles.  For the most part, Warrior of the Lost World was no exception.

Generations after the radiation wars and the collapse of nations an evil group known as The Omega rules the land.  A man known only as The Rider (Robert Ginty) can lead the rebellion to take down The Omega’s regime.

The usual dystopian society ruled by some evil leader, blah, blah, blah.  Get to the action already.

The Rider is our main hero.  The Rider is played by a mumbly Robert Ginty.  Seriously, the guy barely opened his mouth to read any of his lines.  Aside from that the shallow character is kinda cool.

He rides a sweet (and sassy) front heavy motorcycle that spouts 80s slang like a valley girl.  She says things like “Tubular!” when The Rider does something cool.  I don’t even think anyone said Tubular in the 80s.  I know I didn’t.  I only heard it said on TV or movies.  Anyway, the motorcycle was a weird experience for me.  I’m not used to alternating love and hate for a character throughout an entire movie.  Usually it’s one or the other and sometimes you get a switch halfway through but not so with this cookie.  She made me cheer, she made me groan, she made me laugh, she made me want to turn the movie off.  I still can’t wrap my head around it.

The other characters are pretty insignificant.  There is a bald bad guy, a doctor/scientist and his daughter and a short, meaningless appearance by Fred Williamson.  All you need to know is The Omega = BAD, everyone else is something of a good guy.

There is a major slowdown after the basic plot is explained and it really lost me after this.  I think they were supposed to save somebody from being executed by the TRMNTR-114.  They save him (I think) and grab some futuristic machine guns and run-and-gun their way out.  This all culminates in a sweet helicopter chase and a great exploding helicopter.  Honestly I kept getting lost, not caring what was going on until the vehicles hit the streets.

The Rider is able to convince a bunch of warring gangs to join together to combat The Omega.  This ropes in military, kung fu, punk, chick and hick crews to fight The Omega.  No real reason other than to get more vehicles on the road.

There is also a Shyamalan twist at the end but it doesn’t really matter because the movie might as well have ended right after the last Omega vehicle crashed into a neat little stack of Omega branded explosive barrels and exploded into an enormous ball of fire.

Warrior of the Lost World could have been a lot better.  I would have considered turning it off a various points except I assumed there was more vehicular mayhem coming and that was enough to keep me watching.  The only reason I recommend it is for the vehicular carnage.  You could probably just fast forward through the rest of it.

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