Action Movie Fanatix Review: The Big Score

The Big Score banner


…Accused Of  A Crime He Didn’t Commit
…Harassed Until He Could Take No More
…He Had One Score Left To Settle

Starring: Fred Williamson, Nancy Wilson, John Saxon, Richard Roundtree, Michael Dante, Bruce Glover, Ed Lauter, Joe Spinnell, James Spinks

Director: Fred Williamson

1983  |  85 Minutes  |  Rated R

“You know who the law protects?  The God damn law breakers.” – Frank Hooks

Fred Williamson has long been a DTV favorite but I had never really gone out of my way to see any of his movies.  Sure, he would turn up in movies that I was watching for other reasons but I never really gave Mr. Williamson a fair shake.  So, I grabbed the first Fred Williamson movie I could find and gave it a watch.  The Big Score ended up being the first one I found and it seems like a good place to start seeing as how Williamson stars, directs and produces.  We’ll see how it stacks up.

Dismissed and disgraced, tough Chicago narcotics detective Frank Hooks (Fred Williamson) goes after the thugs who framed him for stealing one million dollars from a drug bust.

The Big Score is a self described Po’ Boy Production.  I assume this is because either the producer/s once were (or currently are) poor boys or the producer/s really like po’ boy sandwiches.   I’m pretty cool with either option but I could sure go for a cajun fried shrimp po’ boy right about now.  Mmmmmm…

Where were we?  The Big Score features a fantastic sax heavy ‘80s score that alternates between sexy and pulse pounding.

The overall story doesn’t make a ton of sense except at the most basic level.  I get that Hooks “lost” one million dollars and that he is suspended pending investigation but much of what follows just seems to be a random hodge podge of scenes.  This leads me to the biggest problem with The Big Score.  The jazz club scenes.  I really could have done without them.  They don’t add anything to the movie other than minutes and bad music.  Cut them out and we would be left with a much breezier and more focused production.

The Big Score is working with a pretty minimal budget and at times it shows. They do manage to squeeze a few decent gun fights and a couple awesome explosions out of that micro budget.  Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to save the movie as a whole.

Whenever ole Frank Hooks wasn’t shootin’ his gun or blowin’ suckas up the movie bogged down… BIG TIME!  It was so bad that it was almost hard to pull myself back into the movie when this happened.  Luckily there were a few moments just sweet enough to grab my attention back from the void.  I guess I have seen worse movies but there just isn’t much that I could recommend watching The Big Score for.

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