This is a huge update coming partially from Comic-Con and partially from X-Men Movies.

First up is our first look at the official X-Men: Days of Future Past logo.

X-Men Days of Future Past logoWhat can I say?  It’s a logo.  I like it.

Next up is a bunch of character shots.X-Men DOFP Wolverine Prof X Magneto Colossus Bishop

Now this is where it starts to get really cool.  First off, BISHOP!!!  One of my favorite X-Characters now has a big screen presence and it honestly looks quite good.  I’m glad they didn’t go with his bald head look.  They have kept Bishop’s characteristic M over the eye and, from what we can see, his costume is very reminiscent to his second look.  Very cool!

Also of note are what appear to be new X-Men uniforms.  They are still black but look more interesting than the leather ensembles from previous movies.  I will reserve any further judgement until I can see the entire look.  But, in the first image, Wolverine does appear to be wearing something with… wait for it… color in it.

Last but not least, thanks to SuperHeroHype we have our first look at Sentinels from Days of Future Past.  They aren’t exactly how they looked in the comics (or the cartoon series) but they don’t look half bad (at least the head doesn’t.  At first glance it appears that the Sentinels will be smaller but compared to the people standing around the head is actually 4-5 times the size of a real human head which could easily put Sentinels at 24-30 feet tall.  And we could also be looking at something that is not to scale.

X-Men DOFP Sentinel display 1 X-Men DOFP Sentinel display 2 X-Men DOFP Sentinel display 3 X-Men DOFP Sentinel display 4 X-Men DOFP Sentinel display 5 X-Men DOFP Sentinel display 6 X-Men DOFP Sentinel display 7 X-Men DOFP Sentinel display 8And, Fox has launched a viral site for Trask Industries.  www.trask-industries.com

I’ve got to be honest… I have romped on the previous X-Films quite a lot over the past many years and I was fully expecting to hate this new installment.  These images certainly don’t mean the movie is a slam dunk but they have me thinking that at least some aspects are moving in the right direction.  *fingers crossed*



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