Action Movie Fanatix Review: Extraction

Extraction banner

One Is The Deadliest Number

Starring: Jon Foo, Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, Sean Astin, Joanne Kelly, Falk Hentschel

Director: Tony Giglio

2013  |  106 Minutes  |  Not Rated

“No one has ever escaped Inferno and you’d better believe they’re going to do everything in their power to stop you from taking its most famous guest.” – Harding

I was recently contacted by director Tony Giglio about his new movie Extraction.  Extraction is the first feature length studio produced (Sony) film for the internet.  Plus it stars Jon Foo, Vinnie Jones and Danny Glover.  Well, Mr. Giglio didn’t have to ask me twice.

EXTRACTION follows Mercy (Jon Foo), a U.S. Black Ops team member.  To save the lives of thousands of innocent civilians, he must single handedly break an international criminal out of an underground maximum security Chechen prison known only as Inferno.

I first want to touch on the idea of feature length movies going straight to online.  As much as I prefer owning hard copies of DVDs and Blu-rays, I know that this is definitely the direction we are going.  The technology is almost there for this to be the future of movie making.  Although this played and looked very good it still isn’t full HD quality.  I imagine it could be if a person had a perfect connection and extra high speed internet but that just isn’t reality for most people… yet.

As for the movie itself, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Extraction is a theater quality movie that went straight to the internet (is that DTI now?).  It wouldn’t be outrageous to think that a movie that “skipped” the theater might look a little cheap.  Well, rest assured, Extraction never feels the least bit cheap or low budget.  The sets and wardrobe look top notch.  The only downfall of Extraction is the unavoidable comparisons it will draw to The Raid.

Like The Raid, Extraction features a martial artist / special ops hero whose team has been killed leaving him to complete the mission himself.  Both have our hero trudging through multiple levels of a complex with massive amounts of enemies in tow.  Both also have something of a backstory with a potential mole on our hero’s team.  I’d say that is where the similarities end but those three things make up the vast majority of both movies.  That said, Extraction still finds a way to pave their own path.

Extraction separates itself from The Raid in one major way and that is that it focuses more on story.  Mercy and Co. get more of a backstory before entering Inferno and more of a reason for us to root for him than we did with Rama in The Raid.  There is also a really good balance in place between the action going on inside the prison and the drama in the planning room with Danny Glover, Sean Astin and Joanne Kelly all putting on top notch performances.  It is because of these strong performances that the scenes without Jon Foo kicking ass remain highly enthralling.

Speaking of Jon Foo, I’m really starting to like this guy.  I’ve seen him in a few movies now.  He’s never the biggest dog in the fight but once he starts kicking ass there is no doubt he belongs there.

Jon Foo has proven time and again that he has the skills necessary to put on a good martial arts show and Extraction is easily his best outing yet.  There are some really creative things done with the fights that easily stick with my poor memory.  There is also a real sense of impact for the punches, kicks and neck snaps that Foo delivers.  This is something I often end up complaining about but Extraction gets it right.

Last but certainly not least is Vinnie Jones, the coke head maniacal warden.  Vinnie is just as entertaining and menacing as ever.  My only complaint with his role was that the final showdown felt a tad anti-climactic.

Extraction isn’t quite as intense or action packed as The Raid but it’s still a really entertaining movie.  The cast is great and the fights, while not as big or as frequent as The Raid, are impressive.  Extraction is currently playing on for FREE and despite not being quite as “good” as The Raid it is still a no-brainer for any action fan.

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