Martial Arts Short – DOGFIGHT!!!

Dogfight poster

One of the truly rewarding things about running this site over the past year or so has been the ability to bring some attention to smaller projects and individuals who are creating really awesome things… not because they are getting paid millions to do it… but simply because they love it.

I was recently contacted by Shawn Bernal of LBP Stunts Chicago about a short martial arts film they had made called Dogfight.  It is just under six minutes long and is simply a must watch.  In Shawn’s own words, “No budget.  Just a labor of love!”

Shawn is the guy in green.  WOW!!!  I mean everything about this is high quality stuff.  The only thing missing is another 85 minutes to flesh out a bit of a story and to give us a ton more of this awesome fight choreography.  Seriously, somebody give these guys some money and get them on their way to stardom already.  The choreography is awesome.  The camera angles are creative.  The intensity… it’s there.  This is exciting stuff.

A quick look at LBP’s filmography shows that these guys have gotten stunt work in some big time Hollywood movies.  I hope that continues for them but I’d love to see them able to spend more time in front of the camera doing these types of things.  Keep up the great work, guys!

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