Phillip Rhee’s UNDERDOGS.

Underdogs pic

While perusing some of my favorite action stars’ websites and Facebook pages I came across a project I hadn’t yet heard anything about.  It actually has a pretty rockin’ cast with Best of the Best star Phillip Rhee in front of and behind the camera (directing).  Plus Richard Norton, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, James Lew and Danny Inosanto are all involved in some capacity.

This is a passion project for Rhee.  His son and brother are both involved in the movie as well, which is pretty cool.

The story appears to center around Phillip Rhee as Jimmy “The Lightening Bolt”, a former MMA champ who loses everything after getting hit by a Semi Truck while saving a 5 year old boy.  It then looks like he trains a bunch of “underdogs” to fight in a martial arts tournament against the Beverly Hills Scorpions Team.  Sort of like a Karate Kid or Sidekicks type of movie, if I’m understanding it correctly.

Tom Arnold will also be in the movie as Jimmy’s manager but he won’t be the reason I watch.

It sounds like this will be something of a kids movie when it finally does see release sometime in 2014 but the star power will have me checking it out for sure.

To keep up with this film as it develops watch Phillip Rhee’s Facebook page HERE.

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