Is Sony Creating A Spider-Man Cinematic Universe?

Spider-Man characters

Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal has hinted at Sony creating something of a cinematic universe revolving around the characters in Spider-Man universe.  Her exact quote: “We are going to access Marvel’s full world of Spider-Man characters, so be on the lookout for new heroes and villains.”  Maybe this just means that the Spider-Man movies will included more and more characters in their movies but many fans have read this as Sony wanting to do what Marvel and Fox have done with their Marvel properties.


This, of course, got Spider-Fans minds running with what other characters that could spawn their own movies.  One very real possibility is also one of Spider-Man’s most popular villains – Venom.  Venom is an interesting character that has fought Spidey many times but has also fought alongside the web-slinger.  Venom is often portrayed as rather sadistic and yet somehow believing that he is a good guy doing the right thing.  A story like that could definitely make for an interesting viewing.

Black Cat

Another viable option is Black Cat, the sometimes love interest of Spidey.  She is sort of like Marvel’s version of Catwoman and, while Venom seems like a very real option for Sony, Black Cat seems like a definite long shot.  She is not as well known by many non-fans so it might be a tough sell without establishing her in another movie first.


Next up is someone who Sony may or may not have the rights to.  Morbius, the Living Vampire, has often been associated with Spider-Man, even making his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #101 back in 1971.  With vampires still being a pretty IN thing, I could see Morbius working as a movie.  Morbius fighting his urge to feed and trying to keep his victims to only the evil doers of New York City could be a pretty good story for film.

Silver Sable

The last possibility that I find to be even remotely realistic is Silver Sable.  Who?.. I hear some of you ask.  Well, that may be the big problem with using a character like this.  I do feel like she could provide a pretty entertaining movie, if nothing else.  Silver Sable is a mercenary and leader of the Wild Pack (a mercenary super group) who is often associated with Spider-Man but, again, may or may not be in Sony’s bank of available characters.  Fans seem to be clamoring for a strong female character to grace the silver screen but this may be one of the lessor possibilities.

Now for a couple options that I believe to have a 0% chance of seeing their own movies.

Sinister Six

A true villain story seems pretty unlikely for a movies studio to get behind.  The Sinister Six seem like a lock for a future Amazing Spider-Man movie but not very likely for their own film.

Scarlet Spider

A few years back Marvel did a pretty big story line that was rather controversial to say the least.  The basis of the story was that the Spider-Man that we had known for many, many years was actually a clone of the real Peter Parker.  The real Peter Parker came back and began calling himself Scarlet Spider.  Another, less successful, clone named Kaine first appeared around this time as well.  As “important” as this story is in the history of the Spider-Man character, I don’t see general audiences catching on to a story with multiple Spider-Men and clones running around.  It might be a bit too much to handle for non-comic book fans.

What do you think of these ideas?  Is there anything or anyone I may have forgotten?

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