DC Entertainment To Focus On Lower Budget Superhero Movies!

Bleeding Cool has revealed DC Entertainment’s plan to focus their movie making arm on some lower budget, yet still superhero based, properties.  David Goyer is even attached to some of these properties – though it is unsure of whether he is attached to write, direct or simply produce/oversee.  Some of the properties being looked at include Suicide Squad, Booster Gold, Deathstroke, Team 7 and more, with Suicide Squad seemingly being the top pick of that litter.  These movies are planned for Spring and Fall releases, two a year, which will work nicely around DC’s heavy hitters (Batman & Superman).  The big question mark these bring for many fans is where that leaves potential movies like Wonder Woman, The Flash or even a Green Lantern followup or reboot.

The announcement has caused excitement among the comic book fanbase but many more casual fans are left thinking… “Who?”  I thought it would be a good time for me to take a look at each possible movie and breakdown what makes each one such an exciting prospect.

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

I’ll start with the property that sounds like it is on the tops of producers’ lists right now.  That property is SUICIDE SQUAD!!!  Suicide Squad is much more than just a cool name.  The Suicide Squad is a group of imprisoned super criminals who perform ultra dangerous missions for the U.S. government in exchange for reduced sentences.  I can see this playing very well on screen.  This could easily become something of a superherovillain version of The Expendables.

U.S. government agent Amanda Waller has been a consistent leader of this team with a multitude of supervillains filling its ranks throughout the years.  Past members have included Deadshot, Sgt. Rock, Bronze Tiger, Poison Ivy, Count Vertigo, Killer Frost, Cheetah, Unknown Soldier, King Shark, Harley Quinn and James Gordon Jr.  There’s some obvious tie-ins to the Batman universe that could be cool but I fear we are not yet ready for in this version of the DC Cinematic Universe.  The members have really been all over the board – some very super powered and some not so much.  I tend to think that going with lower level super powers makes more sense for a story like this which would also help to keep the budget in tact.



Deathstroke is one option that is probably more familiar to many casual fans.  He has played a pretty pivotal role in the popular CW series Arrow which raises an interesting question as to whether or not the DC TV Universe and the DC Cinematic Universe will be together or separate.  There are pros and cons to both sides of that coin but I tend to think that having two separate universes with many of the same characters being played by different actors could be a bit confusing for fans.  Especially since we now supposedly have The Flash, Gotham, Hourman and Constantine all in various stages of development.  But who knows… DC has a history with having multiple parallel universes.

Deathstroke Arrow

But comic book diehards have been fans for years.  Deathstroke’s real name is Slade Wilson and he was originally known simply as Terminator then Deathstroke the Terminator then finally just Deathstroke.  Deathstroke is typically portrayed as a villain that sometimes slides into more of an antihero role.  Deathstroke is essentially a skillful soldier with a few lower level powers that aid him in his mercenary and baddie ways.

Video game fans will also remember Deathstroke from the recent Arkham Origins video game.

Deathstroke Arkham Origins

Team 7

Team 7

Team 7 was originally an Image Comics / Wildstorm property.  In 1998 DC Comics bought Wildstorm from Image and in 2010 shut down the company altogether, merging many of the more popular Wildstorm characters into the DC Universe.  With the NU52 some of these characters were woven more deeply into the fabric of the DC Universe.  Team 7 is probably the biggest and best example of this.

Team 7 og

The original Wildstorm Team 7 was created by one of my personal favorite comic book writers, Chuck Dixon (and Aron Wiesenfeld) and most of their adventures took place in war zones around the 70s time period, though I’m not entirely sure if the team ever had a specific time period of enlistment.  The OG Team 7 consisted of John Lynch, Marc Slayton, Cole Cash, Michael Cray, Jackson Dane, Christie Blaze, Philip Chang, Stephen Callahan and Alex Fairchild.  Not all of them were in Team 7 at the same time but all of them had tie-ins to the modern Wildstorm teams and characters.

The new DC Universe version (thanks to the NU52) of Team 7 kept with a similar theme and consists of  Dinah Drake, Amanda Waller, Kurt Lance, Summer Ramos, James Bronson, Dean Higgins, John Lynch, Alex Fairchild, Cole Cash, and Slade Wilson.  As with its Wildstorm counterpart the DCU version has ties to heroes and villains that come later in the NU52 continuity.  I could see this being a really fun addition to the new DC Cinematic Universe.

Booster Gold

Booster Gold

Last but not least Booster Gold has been mentioned.  I’m thinking Booster Gold could potentially have the largest CGI budget of the bunch.  Booster Gold is a showboat superhero from the future who likes to use his knowledge of history to stage large scale, high publicity heroics.  His powers include flight, power blasts, force fields and enhanced strength – all thanks to his futuristic technology.

I see this as a more comedic version of Iron Man… which can definitely work so long as people don’t see this as some sort of Iron Man ripoff.  Booster Gold has also seen action on our TV screens with a few appearances on Smallville.

Booster Gold Smallville

That’s it.  That’s all of them that have been announced to be potentially in the works.  What are your thoughts?  Do you like this new strategy from DC/WB?  Which property are you most excited about?

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