Action Movie Fanatix Review: Zombie Hunter

Zombie Hunter banner

Hell Hath All Fury

Starring: Martin Copping, Danny Trejo, Clare Niederpruem, Jade Regier, Terry Guthrie, Jake Suazo, Jason K. Wixom

Director: Kevin King

2013  |  92 Minutes  |  Not Rated

“This is the best part.  The feel of the trigger as you squeeze, then the brain shooting out from the skull.” – Hunter

Dropping Danny Trejo onto the cover of any straight to DVD seems to be the answer to self promotion for many lower budget releases… regardless of whether he has a significant role in the movie or not.

Zombie Hunter dvd cover

It’s been six months since Hunter (Martin Copping) has seen any other human beings.  The world has become overrun by flesh-eaters after a bright pink street drug turns all the junkies into zombies.  When Hunter meets up with six other survivors he joins them on their quest for survival.

The first half of Zombie Hunter is part zombie movie, part music video.  There are a number of – actually quite decent – licensed songs, including a catchy tune by Royal Bliss called We Did Nothing Wrong.  And then there’s the action clips that feel like they are fueled by the bright pink drugs that created this whole zombie infestation… oh, and dub step.  Unfortunately, after the half way mark the movie loses a lot of its style that made the beginning so much fun.

The main character is not played by Danny Trejo.  It is actually Hunter, played by Martin Scoggins.  Hunter is kind of a badass… even if it feels a little like he is trying too hard.  He’s got the stubble on his face and a leather jacket and a badass knife and he mumbles a lot.  He’s a pretty by-the-book badass but it works.  Hunter is fueled only by the hate for these zombies that had killed his little girl.  Lucky for him he’s pretty handy with a shotgun and that knife.

Zombie Hunter Hunter

Danny Trejo is a badass priest named Father Jesús.  He has an axe that he knows how to use when he’s forced to and, well, he’s forced to quite early and he does some serious damage to a horde of zombies.  He’s basically Machete with an axe but it’s still cool.

Zombie Hunter Danny Trejo

Hunter is also given a pseudo love interest in Alison, Clare Niederpruem, who is sort of a girl next door type.  There’s also the “slutty” girl, the fat guy and the nerdy kid.  They’re all paper thin characters but I guess I wouldn’t expect much more.

The action is pretty fun.  It’s usually accompanied by some pounding music and lots of dismemberments and pink blood spray.  I feel it important to point out that the pink blood spray isn’t because of a color mixing accident or anything.  It’s because of the drug that caused the zombie mutations.  In a few occasions early on it is also accompanied by some crazy pink-hued shots with zombie bodies flipping and flying through the air.  But these only happen a couple times.  It’s unfortunate because they were quite fun.

Zombie Hunter action

The zombie makeup is pretty shoddy.  I don’t quite know if it is because they were trying something different… that didn’t work, or if it was just poor workmanship but the drugged out zombies just weren’t working for me.

CGI zombie creature looks even worse.  It’s like an early screen test version of one of the big monsters from Resident Evil… except that this is the final version that they put on DVD.  The worst part about this creature was that it didn’t even belong in this movie.  The whole premise is that a drug turned people into zombies.  Then all of a sudden this huge clawed creature comes out of nowhere.

Zombie Hunter monster

Speaking of something coming out of left field, there is also a chainsaw wielding psycho clown.  Again, no real purpose and he’s only in it for a scene before he’s killed.

Zombie Hunter clown

Zombie Hunter probably isn’t going to be a hit for everyone.  The poor CGI and makeup paired with some very so-so acting is probably going to be all the nails in the coffin that many people will need.  For me, I was still able to push through and find something enjoyable in it all.  The movie borders on being a grindhouse-type feature.  For those that still enjoy grindhouse I imagine this will be a hit.  Anyone else should probably just pass.  I will say, though, I enjoyed this much more than Planet Terror and Hobo With A Shotgun.

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