Action Movie Fanatix Review: Mr. Nice Guy

Mr Nice Guy banner

Nice Guys Don’t Get Mad.
They Get Even.

Starring: Jackie Chan, Richard Norton, Miki Lee, Karen McLymont, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, Sammo Hung

Director: Sammo Hung

1997  |  87 Minutes  |  PG-13

“I know you!  Jackie!  You’re a nice guy!” – Diana

Mr. Nice Guy is the type of Jackie Chan movie that Jackie has done time and time again.  Take an ordinary man, often named Jackie and always knowing kung fu, put him in some crazy situations and have him take down a big bad guy.

After news reporter Diana (Gabrielle Fitzpatrick) records evidence against Melbourne gang boss, Giancarlo (Richard Norton), TV chef Jackie (Jackie Chan) stumbles into possession of the tape.  Giancarlo kidnaps Jackie’s girlfriend leaving him no choice but to fight to get her back.

I swear these movies are choreographed by Jackie and friends seeing things in everyday life and day dreaming about how to beat someone up with it.  That must be such a cool way to live life.  Let’s see, I have an inflatable monster, a horse and a crane.  Go!  The movie bounces from one stunt to the next and every one is just as fun as the next.  It’s classic Jackie Chan.

Richard Norton makes for a good bad guy.  They really missed the boat on not having a big final fight between Jackie and Richard Norton.  Jackie instead opted to simply plow through Giancarlo’s compound on the huge earth mover that had previously been used to try to crush Jackie… which I couldn’t believe was a real stunt.  You have to watch the outtakes to see just how truly dangerous that stunt was.  It’s a good thing we have City Hunter to turn to for a good Jackie Chan vs. Richard Norton showdown.

Sammo Hung has a little cameo as well.  I love Sammo Hung so even that little flash of him got a smile out of me.  He also does the fight choreography so you know it’s great!

Because practically everything Jackie Chan has ever done in his 100+ films has been amazing, a movie like Mr. Nice Guy leaves me feeling like I have seen better, albeit from this same guy.

As with any Jackie Chan stunt-a-thon, Mr. Nice Guy is a ton of fun but I couldn’t help feeling like it felt very similar to Rumble in the Bronx and First Strike.  That doesn’t mean that Mr. Nice Guy is any less a must see for any and all Jackie Chan fans.

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