Trailer For MMA Inspired Movie TAPPED OUT!


One-time martial arts prodigy Michael Shaw is sentenced to community service at a rundown karate school. During a local MMA fight, Michael encounters the man that killed his family a decade ago and goes behind his karate master’s back to train and compete in the upcoming MMA tournament. When he finally goes toe to toe with his parent’s killer, he won’t stop until the last punch knocks his opponent to the ground, leaving him TAPPED OUT.

It looks a little like MMA Batman, does it not?

Tapped Out will be released May 27!

Directed by: Allan Ungar
Cast: Michael Biehn (Terminator, Aliens, The Rock), Anderson Silva, Krzysztof Soszynski (Here Comes The Boom), Martin Kove(The Karate Kid, Rambo), Lyoto Machida, Cody Hackman, Jess Brown, Nick Bateman (Hobo With A Shotgun)

Tapped poster

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