Fox Releases Dates For FANTASTIC FOUR and THE WOLVERINE Sequels Plus A Mystery Fox/Marvel Release!

Fantastic Four X-Men has reported that Fox has set dates for sequels to The Wolverine and the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot as well as setting a date for an as-of-yet unannounced Fox/Marvel movie.  Speculation is running rampant that this could be anything from a Fantastic Four / X-Men team-up movie to X-Force to Deadpool.

It also seems like Fox may be putting the cart before the horse a bit with a Fantastic Four sequel.  The first movie in this new series isn’t even fully casted yet.  They are either doing a bit of posturing in a “If Marvel can do it so can we” sorta way or they really see a lot of potential in Josh Trank and their young FF cast.  Maybe a little of both.

We already knew that X-Men: Days of Future Past is coming May 23 of this year, Fantastic Four is coming June 19, 2015 and X-Men: Apocalypse is coming May 27, 2016.  Fox has now added a sequel to The Wolverine to March 3, 2017, the Fantastic Four sequel to July 14, 2017 and the aforementioned mystery Fox/Marvel movie to July 13, 2018.

What would you like to see from Fox in 2018?

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