25 Moments Viral Site Launches For X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST!

Trask Nixon 1972


Pretty awesome that they continue to do the viral marketing thing right, tying the events around the X-Men series of movies to real historical events.  This site does a really fantastic job of moving the events from the ’60s and ’70s of First Class and DOFP to the post apocalyptic future of the future events of DOFP.  Magneto being involved in Kennedy’s assassination, Trask tied to Nixon, the Berlin Wall never coming down.  Check it all out HERE.

Pretty funny realization I had after comparing to previously announced dates from their previous viral marketing.  The Sentinel Mark X was previously announced as having been released in 2020.  Now they are saying 2013.

And to see how these events revolve around the events of the previous X-Men movies be sure to view my freshly updated X-Men timeline HERE.  My assumption is that the events of DOFP will be changed enough that I don’t have to continue updating this timeline after each movie.  There will likely be a new timeline.  We shall see…

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