MOCKINGJAY: BURN Fan Film Kickstarter!

Mockingjay poster 1

I was recently contacted by actress Kristen Brancaccio who is producing and starring as Katniss in a Hunger Games inspired fan film called Mockingjay: Burn.

They’ve filmed an amazing trailer which you can see HERE. They’ve only got 13 days left to reach their goal, so please visit their Kickstarter!

As someone who has never read the Hunger Games books or seen either of the first two movies, this actually looks pretty awesome.  The costume designs, action and effects all look pretty fantastic.  They are looking for some funds to help put this thing together – finish putting together costumes for the cast, rent a camera and feed the cast.  Check out their Kickstarter and help them out if you are able.

Oh, and by the way, Kristen has a bit of a martial arts background and assures us that she is planning to use it at some point.  Check her out in action:

And follow Kristen on Twitter @kristensreality

Mockingjay poster 2

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