Action Movie Fanatix Review – Force of Execution


Force of Execution bannerDon’t Break The Code

Starring: Steven Seagal, Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo, Bren Foster, Frank Mir

Director: Keoni Waxman

2013  |  99 Minutes  |  Rated R

“Now, you’re lucky I promised my momma I wouldn’t shoot anybody today or your ass would be dead.” – Thomas Douglas

I’ve never been a huge Steven Seagal fan but he keeps on cranking out the DTV action movies.  Still, something about Force of Execution seemed different… seemed worth my time.

An epic showdown ensues when Thomas Douglas (Steven Seagal), a gangland crime boss, pits his hit-man protégé, Hurst (Bren Foster), against Ice Man (Ving Rhames), a ruthless new player who’s plotting his ascent to power.

I didn’t quite know what it was that made Force of Execution stand out prior to watching the movie but, after watching it, I now know that there are two things that made it half-ways decent.  Those two things are Keoni Waxman and Bren Foster.

Keoni Waxman is really starting to make a name for himself in the DTV action world.  And by starting to make a name, I mean he has been doing this for 20+ years and is just now coming to my attention as someone to pay attention to.  He hasn’t yet had a script that really does him justice but he’s been able to bring some competent film making and style to each project I’ve seen him on thus far.

The real standout star of Force of Execution is Bren Foster.  We had previously seen him in Keoni Waxman’s Maximum Conviction and said pretty much the same thing… this kid’s good.  He’s got a real future in action movies if he can keep getting roles.  His martial arts look really fantastic on film.  He’s not at Scott Adkins level yet but I really think he could be a DTV action star.

Seagal, on the other hand, is his usual mumbly self.  He’s trying yet another silly accent.  He’s clearly not in any shape to be doing any sort of martial arts.

The story, at its heart, could have been entertaining but the script itself just isn’t very good.  There are also pacing issues that make things a little boring in spots but when the movie digs in and really lets Bren Foster do his thing it’s a lot of fun.

Force of Execution is better than what we have come to expect from recent Steven Seagal action movies, but most of the credit has to go to Bren Foster.  Were it not for him this movie could have been a real drag.

6 thoughts on “Action Movie Fanatix Review – Force of Execution

  1. I watched this and Bren Foster makes this movie, Foster in my view is much better than Atkins. Foster’s acting ability is deep, I believe him. Most action actors arnt believable. Great work to all.

    • I’d still rank Scott Adkins higher than I would Bren Foster but to each their own. I hope he continues to get roles because we definitely need more new action stars.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You can delete the first comment. I had to edit it.

    I’ve been avoiding this one lol. I can’t see this being any different then every movie Segal pumps out. He does have a rock’n goatee though. I guess he is taking this acting thing seriously now lol

    • You can probably keep on avoiding it. Like I had said, the best part is Bren Foster. I have a feeling that this will be a movie that people come back to in a few years after Foster starts making bigger waves in the DTV action market. It’ll be like going back to watch Scott Adkins in Special Forces.

      • Speaking of new stars, have you seen “The Marine 3”? I thought “The Miz” was pretty impressive for his first action outing, and could definitely have a decent career going forward. I think there are a lot of great action stars up and coming and guys like Seagal are way past his prime IMO.

      • I haven’t seen The Marine 3 (or 2) yet. I enjoyed the first one for what it was. I heard that The Marine 4 is being made, again with The Miz. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

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