Edgar Wright Exits Marvel’s ANT-MAN!

Edgar Wright

Over the long weekend Marvel and Edgar Wright announced their parting of ways over what is said to be “creative differences.”  We’ve certainly seen this before but this time it feels a little bit different.  Edgar Wright has been attached to this passion project of his for years.  Marvel has made plenty of great movies without Edgar Wright so I am sure they can do it again with Ant-Man but it just felt (w)right to have someone who obviously loves the character so much to be at the helm of the character’s first movie.  Hopefully Marvel does as they’ve done so many times before and knocks this out of the park.

2 thoughts on “Edgar Wright Exits Marvel’s ANT-MAN!

  1. Am I the only human being who could care less for Edgar Wright or this Marvel movie? People on the internet are going ape shit because he is not Directing this no name Marvel Superhero movie and for the life of me I cannot understand why?

    Shaun of the dead? Hot Fuzz? Scott Pilgrim? The World’s End? I dunno, maybe im missing something here?

    • I am by no means a huge Ant-Man fan or anything. I’m behind just about any Marvel movie and will see pretty much every one in the theater. Their track record is pretty good in my opinion.

      I have really enjoyed Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim or The World’s End yet. Edgar Wright did seem like an odd choice to direct this, though. The only reason I was behind him was because he seemed to be REALLY into it and he created a pretty cool concept short. My view was, if someone is THAT into something he might just put out something cool. I’m also not heartbroken that he’s gone.

      It sounds like there were creative differences which I am reading into a bit to mean that Edgar Wright’s vision didn’t quite fit with the over arching Marvel vision for their universe and at some point Wright decided he had had enough. I sort of view this as a “neither is in the wrong” situation.

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