It’s Universal Soldier Week At Action Movie Fanatix!

It has been a little while since we did something like this here.  Last time (Post Apocalyptic Week) was a lot of fun so we are going to do it again.  This time the week’s reviews will focus on the Universal Soldier franchise. Universal Soldier Week pic The Universal Soldier franchise is one of my personal favorites.  It has consistently featured two all-time greats in Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren and has added a number of other action movie greats like Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White plus stars from the world of boxing, wrestling and MMA in Roy Jones Jr., Bill Goldberg, Mike Pyle and Andrei Arlovski. This week will feature reviews of all the movies in the franchise plus a few fun surprises.  The first review will be up later today. I will collect all the reviews here in case anybody happens to miss one:

The Mockbuster:

Completely unrelated but similarly named:

4 thoughts on “It’s Universal Soldier Week At Action Movie Fanatix!

  1. Im curious if this franchise will continue or if it’s over? I prefer the more fun action instalments like the first two. The last two are way too serious and forgot that they were made famous by its stars Van damme and Lundgren who take a back seat. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

    • I’m curious if it will continue too. I kinda hope it does.

      The two most recent sequels are certainly a change of pace from the first two movies. I definitely like them a lot… just in a slightly different way.

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