Issue #2 of PAYBACK The Action Movie Magazine!

The Action Movie Freak has created a new online only magazine called Payback.  She has just released issue #2 and it just so happens that there’s an article by yours truly included.  She’s done an awesome job with the writing and layout of the entire publication so make sure you check it out by clicking the cover below.

Payback issue 2You can also check out Issue #1 by clicking the below cover.  I didn’t do any writing in that issue but it’s still pretty awesome even without me.  😉

Payback issue 1


2 thoughts on “Issue #2 of PAYBACK The Action Movie Magazine!

  1. You are too kind, Sir! Thanks very much for making the case for Action Movies to an get Oscar(s). Can’t wait until we can see someone in Stuntwork get long overdue recognition.

    I love what you say about heroes and hope someday women will be a bit more heroic and a lot less . . . superfluous.

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