Action Movie Fanatix Review: The Marksman

Action Movie Fanatix review banner for The MarksmanThe Fate Of Two Nations Rests In His Hands.

Starring: Wesley Snipes, Anthony Warren, Peter Youngblood Hills, William Hope, Warren Derosa, Ryan McCluskey, Emma Samms

Director: Marcus Adams

2005 | 95 Minutes | Rated R

“Are your nerves shaking?… That means your instincts are turned on.” – Painter

I haven’t seen all of Wesley Snipes’ movies but I’d bet that The Marksman would end up at the very bottom of most people’s lists of his career. How bad is it? Read on…

Chechen rebels take over a Russian nuclear plant and it’s up to a mysterious soldier, known only as Painter (Wesley Snipes) to stop them.

Sounds like a good time, right? Wesley Snipes kickin’ Chechen rebel ass while saving the world from a nuclear threat. Sounds awesome! It’s SO not.

Wesley Snipes The MarksmanThe Marksman is easily the worst movie I have ever seen Wesley Snipes in. Bar none. Even Snipes doesn’t seem to bother putting forth a modicum of effort in this piece of cinematic garbage.

This thing looks cheap with its use of stock footage from other movies. It sounds cheap with its poor soundtrack and dialogue. And worst of all… it isn’t even remotely fun.

The Marksman image 1The movie is supposed to be a cheap, fun action romp. It should be clear by now that I am perfectly fine with that movie goal. What little action we do get, though, is so formulaic and sub-par that it’s really hard to watch.

The Marksman would be a pretty bad action movie if it was filled with a group of nobodies but it’s hurt even more by having Wesley Snipes’ inclusion. Having Wesley Snipes on the cover of your DVD automatically sets the bar pretty high and not delivering on that perceived promise drops a movie score much lower than had he not been involved in it at all.

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