Action Movie Fanatix Review: Bounty Killer

Action Movie Fanatix review banner for Bounty KillerIf The Suit Fits, Waste It.

Starring: Matthew Marsden, Kristanna Loken, Christian Pitre, Gary Busey, Beverly D’Angelo, Barak Hardley, Abraham Benrubi, Eve, Kevin McNally, Alexa Vega

Director: Henry Saine

2013 | 92 Minutes | Rated R

“Boom mother fuckers!” – Drifter

Bounty Killers is one of those movies that comes out of nowhere and surprises you… in a good way. There seemed to be no advanced fanfare and yet it comes out and it’s a heckuva lot of fun.

After the corporate wars the world’s largest corporations have taken over the world’s governments. In retaliation, The Council of Nine issues death warrants for all white-collar criminals. The warrants are taken up by men and women known as Bounty Killers. Drifter (Matthew Marsden) and Mary Death (Christian Pitre) are two of the best Bounty Killers and they’re on a collision course with the Yellow Ties, a group of corporate hitmen, and their employers, the Second Sun corporation.

Bounty Killer isn’t a true post-apocalyptic movie but it has many of the typical post-apoc movie tropes – the cars, the gangs, the waste lands – they’re all here. There just isn’t a true apocalypse to give this a true post-apocalyptic title. Just the Corporate Wars.

Christian Pitre as Mary Death in Bounty KillerChristian Pitre is really beautiful. I mean REALLY. Her acting is just fine for this movie, which didn’t need much of anything, but… my goodness… she is a good lookin’ lady. She seems to handle a gun just fine too. I’m surprised she hasn’t been tapped for more roles than her IMDB profile shows. I would think she would be a pretty hot commodity.

Drifter is very much a Mad Max type of character. He’s a loner, cruisin’ through the wastelands, kickin’ ass all the way. Again, Matthew Marsden’s acting is acceptable. Nothing more. He pulls off the attitude and humor well enough.

Bounty Killer DrifterThe music’s a lot of fun. Drifter and Mary Death walking through a corporate scene mowing down a bunch of Yellow Ties while some really upbeat funky music plays in the background is a breath of fresh air.

There is a scene where the bounty killers go to the Badlands (not the Australian ones, just some super polluted area of the wastes) for one reason or another. The Badlands have some pretty crap CGI of stormy clouds and rubbly buildings. This is probably my only real complaint in the whole movie.

A movie with evil corporations like this could easily have gone down a different, more preachy route and luckily Bounty Killer doesn’t take itself too seriously. Bounty Killer is quite simply light-hearted, stylish, violent fun.


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