Man of Tai Chi movie poster

Action Movie Fanatix Review: Man of Tai Chi

I had high hopes for Man of Tai Chi. It seemed like a passion project for Keanu Reeves, who I have a lot of respect for despite him not being the greatest actor in the world. Unfortunately Man of Tai Chi ended up being yet another run of the mill “forced to fight” movie in the already crowded genre. The ever so slight alteration that is made is that the guy being “forced” to fight is actually starting to like it. A bit interesting… I’ll give it that but it never goes deep enough to make this tweak mean anything.

Backyard Dogs DVD cover

Action Movie Fanatix Review: Backyard Dogs

For The Fame And Fortune They’ll Fight Like Dogs Starring: Scott Hamm, Bree Turner, Walter Emanuel Jones, Frankie Kazarian, Vincent Van Patten, Eiji Ezaki aka Hayabusa Director: Robert Boris 2000 | 96 Minutes | Rated R “It’s like you should be shot but you’re wrestling instead.” – Kristy James Synopsis: Cole (Scott Hamm) and Lee…

Action Movie Fanatix Review: Raze

No Man Could Survive This. Starring: Zoe Bell, Rachel Nichols, Tracie Thoms, Bruce Thomas, Doug Jones, Sherilyn Fenn, Amy Johnston Director: Josh C. Waller 2013 | 92 Minutes | Rated R “We’re only doing this because we have to.” – Sabrina Synopsis: Sabrina (Zoe Bell), Jamie (Rachel Nichols) and 48 other women have been drugged,…

Action Movie Fanatix Review: Bloodsport 4: The Dark Kumite

In The Ancient Japanese Event Of Kumite, Fighters From Different Martial Arts Backgrounds Battle For Survival… Starring: Daniel Bernhardt, Stefanos Miltsakakis, Michael Krawic, Ivan Ivanov, Lisa Stothard Director: Elvis Restaino 1999  |  93 Minutes  |  Rated R “You picked a fine day to die, Keller.” – Billings I’ve seen the original Bloodsport many, many times…