Suicide Squad movie poster

Action Movie Fanatix Review: Suicide Squad

Super Heroes are everywhere. It all started in the comics but has since moved into toys, video games, online casino games and, of course, TV shows and movies. Marvel has been able to feature a plethora of their characters as a part of their cinematic universe, while DC has long focused solely on Superman and Batman. Films, video games and other forms of internet entertainment like online slots games were developed around these characters figures, and they are gaining popularity day by day.

Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight

What Might Jared Leto’s Joker Look Like?

With Jared Leto now official as The Joker, I decided to use a little bit of my amateur Photoshop magic to find out how he will look… We’ve seen a lot of different interpretations of The Joker on the big and small screens.  Jared Leto will likely look to make the role his own rather…

DC Entertainment To Focus On Lower Budget Superhero Movies!

Bleeding Cool has revealed DC Entertainment’s plan to focus their movie making arm on some lower budget, yet still superhero based, properties.  David Goyer is even attached to some of these properties – though it is unsure of whether he is attached to write, direct or simply produce/oversee.  Some of the properties being looked at…