OK… Maybe I’m Back… Kinda…

Hello again fellow Action Movie Fanatix!!!

After taking a few months off from the site I started getting the itch.  I’ve never stopped obsessively watching movies and have often written down some thoughts on them.  So, I might try to put together a few reviews from time to time.  I’m done with posting any and all action movie news I come across.  I just don’t have the time or energy for that any more.  Maybe someday I will have loads of time and money and will create the type of action movie haven I have always dreamed of but for now I will use this site to scratch my action movie review itch when that itch needs scratchin’ (I should probably find a less disgusting metaphor).

The reviews will basically be posted in the order that they are completed.  I did see The Expendables 3 a while back, thoroughly enjoyed it and have started writing that review.  I thought that would be a great comeback review but I have a few others that are ready to go so I will just start posting.

Last but not least, this whole “Am I done?  Am I not done?” has not been some sort of attention grab on my part.  It’s just been what I’ve been feeling at the time and I have made some friends and followers through this site so I have wanted to update as to what is going on with the site.

So, if you have enjoyed my reviews in the past, I hope you’ll stick around, read the new ones, comment and engage in conversation about this glorious genre.


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