Action Movie Fanatix Review: Hunt To Kill

Hunt to Kill

Survival Of The Baddest

Starring: Steve AustinGary Daniels, Eric Roberts, Gil Bellows, Emilie Ullerup

Director: Keoni Waxman

2010  |  97 Minutes  |  Rated R

“When I hunt, I hunt to kill.” – Jim Rhodes

I really looked forward to watching Hunt To Kill to see Steve Austin, Gary Daniels & Eric Roberts together again after The Expendables but the three of them are never all on screen together but Hunt To Kill is still a decently fun flick.

Jim Rhodes (Steve Austin) is a U.S.Border Patrol agent living in the Montana mountains, mourning the loss of his murdered partner (Eric Roberts).  Rhodes and his daughter don’t exactly see eye to eye but when they are both taken hostage by a group of fugitives Rhodes has to use his wilderness surroundings to take out the baddies one by one to help he and his daughter escape.

Gary Daniels is one of the fugitives and when he and Steve Austin face off they have a phenomenal fight scene.  I don’t know who choreographed it but they deserve some sort of award.  The fight choreography does a fantastic job of showing the difference between the two characters.  Daniels uses his various martial arts skills while Austin relies on brute strength.  This scene absolutely made the movie for me.

The team of fugitives, led by Banks (Gil Bellows), do a good job making you want to see them killed.  None of them are the greatest actors but they are each different and despicable in their own way.  Steve Austin doesn’t stray too far from his Stone Cold character but it is sort of fitting for this role as he is something of an outdoorsman himself.  His daughter is rather annoying which is fitting for a teenage girl but it is sometimes hard to root for her.  It is also hard to believe that there is a real father daughter connection between the two but I guess that is probably nit-picking for a movie like this.

All in all I had a lot of fun watching Hunt To Kill and will definitely pop it into the DVD player again from time to time.  It certainly isn’t a classic action movie but I would recommend it to any action fan if for no other reason than to see the Austin/Daniels fight scene.