Martial Arts Short – THE DUEL.

The Duel screenshot

Since I’m in the habit of cluing my readers onto awesome martial arts today I figured I would throw another one their way.  This short comes from our friend Michael S. Moore from over at Kiai Kick.

Moore says:
“I co-wrote and directed this small film, and Richard Galione from the Austin Kung Fu Academy is the guy with the big kicks. We showed this at the end of semester showcase at ACC, and we got the audience response we wanted. You can’t ask for much more than that. The audience response is really what drives me to work harder. The fact that this was all done as an in-camera edit (meaning no postproduction work afterward. All effects had to be done at the time of shooting)”

So, there isn’t a ton of martial arts.  Just the “big kicks” of Richard Galione (which are definitely impressive).  But the rest is funny and has a good message behind it.  I know Michael is working on getting a degree in film making and has dreams of being behind the camera, directing or writing some future martial arts movies.  I hope to see that happen.

Check out Michael S. Moore Productions website HERE.  He has a few other shorts that he has made.

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