Action Movie Fanatix Review: Legendary

Action Movie Fanatix review banner for LegendaryFear The Legend

Starring: Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren, Yi Huang, James Lance, Lydia Leonard, Gene Le

Director: Eric Styles

2014 | 92 Minutes | PG-13

“Don’t be sorry. Be better.” – Harker

Legendary really didn’t get a whole heckuva lot of attention outside of action movie sites like this. Sometimes that means the movie’s a load of garbage and sometimes it just means it flew under the radar. I’m hoping with Scott Adkins and Dolph Lundgren together in what appears to be a monster/adventure movie it is the latter.

Dr. Travis Preston (Scott Adkins) and Harker (Dolph Lundgren) are rival monster hunters / cryptozoologists searching China’s hinterland for a giant lizard the locals call “Shocate.” Preston is hoping to capture the creature alive for scientific purposes but Harker has other plans…

Unfortunately the Legendary suffers from some pretty dreadful CGI monsters. They try to keep the monsters shrouded in dark as often as possible but even in short glimpses at night don’t make the creatures look realistic. The CGI is only slightly above what can be seen on SyFy’s creature features.

On top of that the main creature is supposed to be a dragon or at least something that could be misconstrued as one by the locals… at least that’s what the original movie title (Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon) would lead us to believe. It looks more like a scaly salamander than anything that would be called a “dragon.”

Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon movie poster

Despite the rather large body count that the giant lizard/dragon has been racking up, the movie plays out as a pretty light-hearted adventure romp. If it weren’t for the blood and violence, this could almost be an older kids movie.

While I did find Legendary to be an enjoyable movie, I did find myself to be pretty disappointed. Having Dolph and Scott Adkins in the same movie should make for some pretty awesome action/fight scenes and all we really got from Legendary was a few lizard maulings and gunfire. I hope we’re able to see Dolph and Adkins together again, and this time with a lot more asses being kicked.

movie poster for Legendary

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