Action Movie Fanatix Review: Stake Land

Stake Land banner

The Most Dangerous Thing Is To Be Alive

Starring: Nick Damici, Connor Paolo, Michael Cerveris

Director: Jim Mickle

2010  |  98 Minutes  |  Rated R

“You shoot me, I’ll fuckin’ kill you.” – Mister

StakeLand is what vampire movies should be.  None of this girly Twilight crap.  This is bloody, depressing stuff.

A drifter known only as Mister is training young Martin to survive the Vampire infested nightmare that has become America as they journey to New Eden.

Mister is serious badass… in a laid back, I’m gonna take care of these kids kinda way.

Martin is on a kind of coming of age journey, which always works for me.  What guy can’t relate to the age old tale of growing up in a vampire apocalypse.

I wasn’t too fond of the vampire makeup overall.  They looked good but they went with more of a zombie look.  It makes sense since these are purely feral, decaying creatures now but I only wished they tried for something more original since the story purposely made the choice to opt for vampires instead of zombies.  This is a pretty minor complaint and didn’t affect my viewing pleasure but it just felt like it could have been that much better if the creature designs were something original.

As with any vampire apocalypse, the vampires are the least of your worries.  There is a group of cultist crazies that murders and pillages.  They even launched some vampires into a busy “city”, unleashing the vampires on the masses, killing droves of innocents.  Pretty sick, even for cultist crazies.

The entire feel of the movie is very dark and gloomy.  Pitch perfect for a post-apocalyptic vampire movie.

StakeLand is another movie that really should have been a part of Post-Apocalyptic Week.  If you are in the mood for a depressing yet somehow entertaining ride I would highly recommend StakeLand.

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