Action Movie Fanatix Review: Cyber Tracker

Cyber Tracker banner

A Machine With An Attitude

Starring: Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Richard Norton, Stacie Foster, Steve Burton, Abby Dalton, Jim Maniaci, John Aprea, Joseph Ruskin

Director: Richard Pepin

1994  |  91 Minutes  |  Rated R

“You are to be executed…NOW!” – Tracker

After watching Equalizer 2000 I decided that I should be checking out more of Richard Norton and what I found was that he has done some movies with other Action Heroes like Cynthia Rothrock and Don “The Dragon” Wilson.  So, I bought the cheapest, easiest one to find.  Enter Cyber Tracker…

In the near future cybernetic police officers called Cyber-Trackers hunt down dangerous criminals and execute them on the spot.  No judge.  No jury.  No trial.  When secret service agent Eric Phillips (Don “The Dragon” Wilson) crosses a corrupt U.S. Senator, he’s framed for murder and marked for death.  Pursued by the Cyber-Trackers and the senator’s bodyguard, Ross (Richard Norton), he links up with the UHR (Union of Human Rights) led by reporter

It would be too easy to say that Cyber Tracker was just a low budget Terminator copycat and there are definitely similarities but the story has been changed more than enough to dismiss it for that reason alone.  Nevermind that Cyber Tracker’s Cybercore is just a copy of Terminator’s Cyberdyne.  Nevermind that the Cyber Trackers themselves look like big bald Arnold sized copycats.  None of that matters because Cyber Tracker isn’t Terminator or Terminator 2 or 3 or Salvation.  It isn’t even close.  But in all fairness, it doesn’t try to be.  Cyber Tracker just swipes a few little elements and skips off in its own direction.

If you’ve ever seen Don “The Dragon” Wilson act then you know what you are getting here.  The man is no thespian but that isn’t why we come to see him.  He’s here because he kicks ass.

As any Don “The Dragon” Wilson movie should be, Cyber Tracker is jam packed with tons of well choreographed, performed and filmed martial arts fights.  Now, I’m not talking Crouching Tiger stuff.  This is all more standard, beat-em-up martial arts.  But, it works and it never gets boring.

There is also plenty of other action elements to be had so Cyber Tracker isn’t simply a martial arts movie.  There are gun fights and stuff but the really fun part is that every single car crash in the movie results in a HUGE fireball.  Always fun…

There are also some fun but hokey DTV sci-fi elements.  The computer, Agnes 4000, in Eric’s apartment immediately comes to mind.  Eric and Agnes talk and flirt like coed college roommates.
“Want a drink Aggie?” – Eric Phillips
“I really shouldn’t” – Agnes 4000

The Cyber-Trackers are all played by Jim Maniaci whose look is definitely inspired by The Terminator machines.  Black leather jacket?  Check.  Sweet guns?  Check.  Crazy looking machine eyes?  Check.  Guns that morph out of their leg?  Well, that’s more of a Robocop thing but… Check.  He even gets part of his arm blown off like Arnold at the end of T2.  But again, not copying.

And our main event for the evening: Don “The Dragon” Wilson’s Eric Phillips vs. Richard Norton’s Rosss proves to be a real slobber knocker rather than a straight martial arts fight that might be expected.

Actually, Eric’s final fight wasn’t with Ross, it was one more round with a Cyber-Tracker but I was looking forward to the Richard Norton fight way more than another Cyber-Tracker fight.  It is kind of like when Bellator FC runs out of time and ends up with a very low level fight after their main event… except this was on purpose and honestly would make sense to the average movie goer, just not the Richard Norton fan.  I won’t hold this against the movie though.  I can’t expect them to not make the Cyber Tracker the final battle just because I personally like Richard Norton.

Cyber Tracker doesn’t do everything right by any means but it at least goes all out to create something really fun.  And if you can’t have a good time watching Cyber Tracker there is seriously something broken inside of you.

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