Action Movie Fanatix Review: Maximum Conviction

Maximum Conviction banner

Maximum Security.  Maximum Firepower.

Starring: Steve Austin, Steven Seagal, Michael Pare, Bren Foster, Kimani Ray Smith

Director: Keoni Waxman

2012  |  97 Minutes  |  Rated R

“God damn, which one of you mother fuckers killed my future ex-wife? – Manning

I’ve heard good things about Maximum Conviction and have liked most of what Steve Austin has been doing lately, even if it is usually low budget DTV releases.  Steven Seagal on the other hand, has not been on my good side.  I am hoping Maximum Conviction changes my tune on Seagal.

Cross (Steven Seagal) and Manning (Steve Austin) are sent to mothball an old prison.  They’ll have their hands full when mercenaries arrive seeking two female inmates.

I really don’t like Steven Seagal anymore.  I used to and I want to still but I can’t.  I can’t stand this stupid whisper of his and I am sick of the slap fighting that we are supposed to believe is Aikido.  And he always seems to wear clothes that are one size too small which makes him look even more like an overstuffed sausage.  I just can’t buy him and his double chin as an action star any more.  And good lord, Steven Seagal, put the but of the gun into your shoulder, not over it.  How did no one tell him to do that at any point during filming.

Luckily Seagal was paired with Steve Austin here.  Austin was this movie’s saving grace.  Sure, The Texas Rattlesnake isn’t the world’s best actor but the guy can sure make a movie fun.  He can deliver the one liners like a pro and he looks like he could actually kick some ass.

There is lots of shooting and fighting but nothing truly special.  My favorite action movies have scenes that stick in my memory, that I will go back and watch just to see that awesome action moment again.  Maximum Conviction just doesn’t have any of those moments.  Just lots of shooting down hallways without aiming at anything in particular.

The coolest scenes of the movie actually come from Austin & Seagal’s backup.  Normally I wouldn’t go through the trouble of figuring out who these seemingly nameless soldiers are but since they stood out to me I figured it was worth the effort.  Now I can’t be 100% (without going back to watch the whole movie again to listen for their names) but I believe they were Bren Foster and Kimani Ray Smith.

The music is WAY overly dramatic for what this movie really is.  It really stood out in a few parts and made me chuckle to myself a little.

In terms of low budget, confined spaces action movies – I’ve seen better.  There is some fun to be had but there isn’t anything particularly memorable.  Great action movies have great action movie moments and Maximum Conviction just doesn’t have it.

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